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All Artyst PMU machines are some of the most silent and least vibrating models on the market and operate with the highest possible levels of safety and precision.

The Artyst by Cheyenne H2 PowerBabe machine combines PMU ergonomics and minimal vibration with high tattoo power and cost-efficient needle cartridge use.

The experts behind Artyst and Cheyenne have teamed up to create a super low vibrating yet powerful and ergonomic PMU machine with a 3.5 mm stroke length for technicians who know how to handle a high-power device.

The H2 PowerBabe machine is a daily runner that is the fast and reliable tool you were looking for. Its smooth yet consistent operating motor offers the upmost precision for your PMU work, while running with minimal vibrations.

The PowerBabe has been designed with a universal cartridge docking system, making it compatible with most needle cartridges on the market that feature a Cheyenne-type connection, as well as the new Artyst by Cheyenne PMU needle cartridges.

Artist by Cheyenne's H2 PowerBabe machine is recommended for fine lines, crisp hair strokes, shading & pixel techniques, and for use on all skin types.