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  1. Embalagem de 80 Tabuleiros de Copos 6/13 mm Cheyenne Ink

Embalagem de 80 Tabuleiros de Copos 6/13 mm Cheyenne Ink


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12,00 €

Cheyenne Ink cups are Made in Germany and are available in two sizes of ink cups for all needle configurations. This product is a set of 80 ink trays. Each tray consists of 6 ink cups, which are 13mm in diameter.

Cheyenne Ink cups are designed so that:

  • They are not easily tipped over
  • There is no need to fix them down to the work service with e.g. petroleum jelly therefore making them easy to set up.
  • You can easily arrange multiple trays and layouts as you wish

Cheyenne Ink cups are made using a medically registered material. This provides you with:

  • Clear transparency.
  • A good perception of what level the ink is filled at, even when viewing at a flat angle.
  • Ease when you need to blend inks directly between cups without spilling on your work service.

Thanks to the stackability design, this means:

  • Your storage area needed is small.
  • Its is easy to see exactly how many ink trays you have left!

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